What is Underground Heart?

Underground Heart is a variation on the theme of these voucher sites we’re all too aware of, but what makes this site different, is that Underground Heart is dedicated to the world of the Underground, and we will only support things like;-

  • Music that differs from the commercial charts, both Live and Recorded.
  • Bars and Clubs and Eateries that defy the mainstream, or are not run by massive chains that have a bad habit of standardising everything they do, we will be offering you easy ways to find those interesting places.
  • Everything on Underground Heart will have an edge of something different and could also include, clothing/jewellery stores, tattooists, hairdressers, music stores and much more.
How does it work?

Underground Heart will be sending out a regular newsletter to everyone who subscribes, this email will include;-

  • Free Mp3s of new releases.
  • Information on recent offers.
  • Ways to get hold of cheap tickets for live events.

The website has been made for primary use via your mobile device, and subscribers will be able to use the flyer that is found by visiting each offer page and redeem many great deals.

To make use of the offers on this site, simply present the full flyer when you turn up, or go to purchase a drink, or an item at the place you visit. Subscribers can also find GPS information, look up directions, and check comments about venues, bars, clubs and eateries from other subscribers.

Do I have to create an account?

Yes, in order to redeem offers and download free music we ask you to register.  Your details will only be used to grant you access to the offer pages on the site and to send you information regarding relevant offers.

Can I screenshot an offer for later?

The reason the site displays the current time and date, is so that offers can only be redeemed while they are still valid on the website, and cannot be shared across other voucher websites. However, at the venue’s discretion, they may accept screenshots taken on the same day.

Help! It thinks I'm somewhere other than where I am

Sounds as though you need to either enable or reset the location data that’s shared with us. Details on how to do that can be found here.

When will you launch in my area?

As soon as we can! We are looking to expand Underground Heart to cover as many locations as possible. If you register with us, you’ll receive an email when we have offers in your area, or if you’ve got some ideas of places that may be interested, please drop us a line.

Why do you need my address? Are you going to send me spam?

We ask for your address simply so we can show you the most relevant offers to you. We won’t be sending you post, and will not share your address with anyone else.

Are you going to give my details to anyone else?

Definitely not. More information about our data policy can be found on our privacy page.

Can my business place an offer on your site?

If you think you would be suited to Underground Heart and would like to place an offer with us, please get in touch.